Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

Music Theory Links

Links checked: March 2021

General information about music theory.
Sophisticated music theory web applications for musicians.

Excellent site with exercises in music theory and note reading.

Music theory and lessons.

Music Theory Net
Music theory and trainers.

The Complete Musician
Student Resources. Exercises and answers.

Best Music Teacher
Music theory.

The Tonal Centre
Music theory.

Classical Sheetmusic EU
Sheet music for solo.

Composer Focus
Excellent articles on music theory and composition.

Andre Mount
Music theory, lessons and exams (questions plus answers).

Interactive exercises.

My Music Theory
Lessons and exercises.

Piano Teacher's Playground
Music theory for children and adult beginners.

Music Theory Examples
Database of tonal music theory examples, sound and scores.

Italian Musical Terms
Italian > English.

A passion 4 jazz
Glossary of Jazz terms.

The Music Theory Minute
Theory lessons at the piano on video.

Theory Lessons
Theory lessons for guitar players.

How to write a song
Article on song writing.

Kees van Hage
Dutch music terms into English and vice versa.

Virginia Tech
Music dictionary (USA visitors)

Music recources.

About Music Theory
Articles about basic music theory.

Songs for kids
An original site with smart children's songs.

Free music notation software.

MC Musiceditor
Free music notation software.

Free music notation software.

Music Acoustics
About physics and music.

Fun Trivia
Music quizzes.

Music Tech Teacher
Music quizzes.

Music Sheaf
Blank music paper.

Blank Sheet Music
Blank music paper.