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Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

Chord Progressions & Cadences

Free and Royalty-Free

To most amateurs making music seems to be the same as playing chords. But if you take an online music course in harmony or chords you probably will be taught the dumbed-down version: no attention what so ever to traditional, classical harmony.

Musicians who studied classical harmony play chords too. However, they connect the dots in a more sophisticated manner. This method is called Voice Leading. Classical music theory is very difficult. It takes years to complete the study at a Conservatory of Music or Music Academy.

That is why I decided to offer you chord progressions and cadences in a classical manner. I wrote them for piano, but they can be used in any arrangement, like a string quartet. All progressions are endless loops and they can be randomly combined within the key.

The progressions are royalty free. Even the download of all the chords progressions is free. Better yet, you receive free music xml's, so you can import the progressions in your favourite music notation software. That way you will be able to hear, transpose and edit them.

100 Free Chord Progressions (zip) - Version 2

Of course music consists of more than just progressions. If you download the free index (pdf) of the piano album "The Calendar", you will have 366 examples of different time signatures, keys, rhythms and patterns that could inspire you.