Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

Organ without pedals/Harmonium/Keyboard

Organ Album I

12 composities voor orgel. Preview (png).

Listen to the examples (lossy aac/m4a - 152 kbps):

01.Festive March I - Intrada, Bridal March
04.For the Children I - Light, Playful
07.Chromatic I - Interesting, Melancholic
10.Sad March I - Funeral March
11.Sad March II - Halloween

The music is classical and partly polyphonic. The organ is the Swedish Knutby Organ. This organ has a light and clear sound.

The sheet music costs $ 9.90 $ 7.90 - Instant download.


Sonatina for Organ

4 compositions for Organ. Preview (png). The sonatina is easier to play than the organ album.

Listen to all 4 compositions:

1.Allegro vivo
2.Andante - Funeral March I
4.Andante - Funeral March II

The sheet music costs only $ 2.95 - Instant download.