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12 Minuets by 12 Composers

I am not the composer of these works, but with a few exceptions, they would not exist without my interference.

These minuets are based on ancient editions and manuscripts. Some minuets are arrangements of orchestral works. If necessary, the Basso Continuo is enhanced with chord tones. Most minuets are of an intermediate level, some of them are easy to play. A bonus minuet (no 13) has been added. The famous Coventry Carol.

Listen (mp3) to the beginning of each composition, followed by the full version of the Coventry Carol Minuet. Or watch the Coventry Carol Minuet as a video with beautiful paintings.

01. Minuet in A minor - Johann Krieger, 1651 - 1735
02. Minuet in G major - Charles H. Wilton, 1761 - 1832
03. Minuet in D minor - Michel Corrette, 1709 - 1795
04. Minuet in E minor - John Stanley, 1712 - 1786
05. Minuet in G major - Giovanni Martini, 1706 - 1784
06. Minuet in D minor - Jean-Baptiste Lully, 1632 - 1687
07. Minuet in C minor - Georg Friedrich Händel, 1685 - 1759
08. Minuet in G major - Jean-Philippe Rameau, 1683 - 1764
09. Minuet in F major - Anonymous, 18th century
10. Minuet in E minor - François Couperin, 1668 - 1733
11. Minuet in A minor - Johann Konrad Baustetter, 1700 - 1782
12. Minuet in D major - Charles Dieupart, 1667 - 1740

Bonus: Coventry Carol Minuet - Anonymous/Rowy van Hest, 16th century

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At least half of the minuets are not available anywhere else. Most albums with minuets offer you well known minuets like the minuet in G major by J.S. Bach. Except for the minuets by Krieger and by Händel, you probably never heard of the above minuets, but they really are beautiful.