Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

About Rowy

Although her father was a music teacher, it was not until she was sixteen that Rowy started to learn to play an instrument. When Rowy was eighteen, she finished a concerto for strings. At the age of nineteen she was accepted to the Conservatory of Music.

At first Rowy wrote experimental music, but a few years after she had finished her study, she went back to her roots. Since then she has been writing light-hearted music with a touch of melancholy.

Apart from being a composer and a teacher, Rowy is also a writer. She wrote 100 short stories (in Dutch) and she writes papers on music.

Rowy was born and raised (and hopes to die) in the northern part of the former Duchy of Brabant in North-West Europe, now a province of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Her family has been living there since the Middle Ages. Rowy has a son and a daughter.

The Duchy of Brabant was a region in the Low Countries. Composers from the Low Countries are Guillaume Dufay (video), Johannes Ockeghem, Josquin Des Prez, Jacob Obrecht, Jacobus Clemens non Papa, Orlando di Lasso and Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck.