Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

Compositions for Piano

The Calendar

Every day of the year I wrote a composition for piano, regardless of the circumstances (e.g. a severe flu). The Calendar consists of 366 pieces.

Because the compositions were written on the day itself, this album can be seen as a diary. Can you hear it if I had a bad hair day? And what did I write on your birthday?

2 do-it-yourself compositions per month have been added to the diary. I made the start, can you finish the 24 compositions?

Download the Preview (png). It is January 1st. If you can play this, you can play all the pieces from The Calendar.

Download another Preview (png), a do-it-yourself composition from December. Try to finish it.

Download the free Index (pdf) of this album. 79 pages with 366 examples of keys, time signatures, rhythms and patterns that could inspire you, if you're looking for an idea.

The Calendar costs only $ 14.90 - Instant download.


Sonatina for Piano

4 compositions for piano. Preview (png).

Listen to all 4 compositions:


This easy neo-classical sonatina is a nice alternative to sonatinas written by composers as Muzio Clementi.

Sonatina for Piano costs only $ 2.95 - Instant download.