Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

4-Part Voice Lead

Voice Lead Scores

35 voice lead scores in a classical/cinematic style that can be played by a string/woodwind/brass quartet or ensemble, or even on a pipe organ.

This is donationware, the complete package costs only $ 3,00. I hope you will pay extra. You're allowed to use the music for non-profit events.

Download for free 3 complete compositions and 3 MusicXMLs.

Buy 35 PDFs and 35 MusicXMLs! Use the MusicXMLs in your notation software to edit or transpose the scores.

Listen to no. 1: String Ensemble Pipe Organ

If you want to use the music for commercial projects, for instance as a base for an orchestral score, or as a render for royalty free sites, please contact me first: rowynet•