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Rowy van Hest
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Copyright Free Music

Music for your Project

I've been asked if my music can be used for creative projects like video or games. What you need is Copyright Free Music (or Royalty Free). In the near future I will link to my copyright free orchestral work for film and tv.

Copyright Free Music can be used in all sorts of projects, like video games and commercials. You don't have to worry about the rights. Everything is being taken care of. Even YouTube won't ban your video.

One of the best Royalty Free Music sites is Pound5. is also very popular.

You are a composer

Upload your music to Pound5. Reviews of audio files take about one week. If you're an amateur composer, or just beginning, AudioJungle could be more interesting. However, their reviews take at least a month.

By the way, popular music is just as welcome at Pound5. The quality of your work and the sound file must be good though. You will need some experience producing high quality audio.

Don't expect to sell much if you upload just a few compositions. You have to produce a lot of music.