Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

Music Theory Apps for Android and Chromebook

These free apps for musicians are aimed at teachers and students of music academies, but if you're an hobby musician, you're welcome to try them. All apps have been tested with Android 4.1.1 and up on budget smartphones and small tablets.

No Android? Not to worry, with Blue Stacks you can use these apps even on your Windows PC (Mac is coming up): Blue Stacks (free)

1. Assistant Harmony Analysis helps you analyse a chord within a tonal context. AHA tells you what the prevailing key is, the chord degree and the chord type. It is based on the original European classical harmony (capital Roman numerals) as used by the great masters. There are 12 x 8 keys in major, 12 x 8 keys in minor, 312 chord types and 13,884 chords.

Please read the manual (pdf) first. You will need it!

Google Play: Assistent Harmony Analysis

2. There are thousands of chords, but all of these chords are nothing more than a few chord types that have been transposed to several keys. If you learn to recognize the most important types by ear, you will recognize the majority of the chords in any composition.

This app comes with a free tutorial on chord types!

Google Play: Recognize Chord Types by Ear

3. This app was made for musicians who want to train relative pitch within a key. You can also test if you recognize sequences of tones with subtle differences. It is more difficult than you might expect.

Google Play: Perfect and Relative Pitch

4. Try to recognize an instrument and combinations of instruments by ear.

Google Play: Recognize Instruments by Ear