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Music Apps

These are free Android apps. However, the web site hosts web versions of these apps. You can play them in your browser, no matter what operating system you use. So, many thanks to my best friend and experienced web developer Jo-Anne.

The apps were made by me for musicians. They are theoretically correct and a bit difficult. All apps have been tested with Android 4.1.1 and up. Please let me know if there is a problem.

Chord Types Android App

There must be thousands of chords, but all of these chords are nothing more than a few chord types that have been transposed to several keys. If you learn to recognize the most important types, you will recognize the majority of the chords in any composition.

This app comes with a free tutorial on chord types!

Relative and Absolute Pitch Android App

This app has been made for musicians who want to train relative pitch within a key. It is also possible to test if you have perfect pitch. You can also test if you recognize sequences of tones with subtle differences. This is more difficult than you might expect.

Recognize Music Instruments Android App

This app has been made for musicians, but it can be enjoyed by non-musicians as well. Most people will recognize the sound of an instrument. But will you recognize 3 different instruments that play simultaneously? Or even 5 instruments?